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A funeral has become a huge expense in recent years, and the costs continue to climb. Sadly, many families have a hard time paying the amount needed to bury their relatives. If the unexpected happened, would your loved ones struggle to pay for you?

The average cost of a funeral was $7,045 in 2012. That price puts a funeral out of many families’ budgets and strains their finances. However, you don’t have to burden those closest to you with debt. By purchasing whole life insurance, you will ensure that your funeral costs are covered.

You can purchase a whole life policy (also called burial insurance) at a low monthly rate. If you can’t afford a larger life insurance policy, burial insurance is a more affordable alternative.

Best of all, a whole life policy offers a guaranteed payout and benefits won’t go away because of your health or age; in other words, you never have to worry about whether your family will receive what they deserve after you are gone.

Source: Statistics | National Funeral Directors Association. Statistics | National Funeral Directors Association. http://nfda.org/about-funeral-service-/trends-and-statistics.html (accessed April 16, 2014 ).

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